Alternative Project Delivery

Submitted by Robert McK on Sat, 05/19/2018 - 15:28
Alternative Project Delivery

To best serve the interests of our Clients, Huitt-Zollars has embraced and adapted to the changing landscape of project delivery methods in the design and construction industry. This adaptability demonstrates our commitment to meeting the evolving needs and preferences of our Clients while leveraging our professionals’ expertise with the various alternative project delivery approaches.

Plus, Huitt-Zollars has extensive experience operating as the technical extension of our Client’s staff to provide project management services on Design-Build projects. We have substantial project expertise in advancing the delivery of our Clients’ projects through the following delivery methods:

⦁    Design-Bid-Build (Traditional)
⦁    Competitive Sealed Proposal (CSP)
⦁    Construction Manager at Risk (CMR)
⦁    Project Manager of Design-Build Projects
⦁    Design-Build
⦁    Progressive Design-Build
⦁    Public-Private Partnerships
⦁    Integrated Project Delivery    

Our professionals understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with each method and provide their valuable insights and recommendations to our Clients, ensuring that the most suitable approach is chosen for each specific project.

Huitt-Zollars is committed to listening to and working collaboratively with our Clients' to advance the delivery of their projects with quality and integrity, regardless of the chosen project delivery method. Our Client-centered approach is a fundamental aspect of successful project execution and demonstrates our dedication to Client satisfaction, project excellence and shared success.