NM 528 Widening

Huitt-Zollars provided design of the traffic signals at the intersection of US 550 and Sprint Boulevard in the city of Rio Rancho approximately 0.5 miles west of the intersection of NM 528 and US 550. The existing intersection is a three-way intersection controlled with a stop sign on Sprint Boulevard in a south to north direction and US 550 as the mainline in a west to east direction. US 550 through this area is classified is a Principal Arterial Limited Access roadway consisting of a four-lane divided highway with raised medians, a deceleration lane on the east-bound lanes and left-turn bays in both the west-bound and east-bound lanes for a cross section of 94 feet. Sprint Boulevard is classified as a minor arterial consisting of four lane divided highway with a raised median and sidewalks for a total cross section of
84 feet.

NM 528 Widening
Rio Rancho
City of Rio Rancho