Fort Bend County Public Transportation Facility

Huitt-Zollars provided construction management services for the $21 million Fort Bend County Public Transportation facility that opened in January 2020. The new facility combined operations from four separate locations into one, state-of-the-art facility that will provide the County the resources to plan for future growth over the next twenty-five years. The final design included 18,600 square feet of administration space, 28,400 square feet of maintenance space, covered bus parking, a 7,100-square-foot fuel building, and two large wash bays. 

Huitt-Zollars’ construction management duties included the responsibility of documenting hundreds of deliveries of material to the site to ensure it met the Buy America requirements per FTA guidelines prior to installation. In order for the County to receive federal funding for the project, the project was required to meet Federal Transportation Authority (FTA) “Buy America” guidelines. Additionally, Huitt-Zollars implemented quality assurance measures throughout the construction process to ensure that the contractor planned and scheduled the work and prepared to start each new phase of work in accordance to the specifications and the contract documents. Huitt-Zollars held pre-installation meetings with all the parties involved to review contract requirements for each major construction phase.

Fort Bend County Public Transportation Facility
Fort Bend County

Project of the Year, Transportation, $5M-25M, Texas Public Works Association (APWA TX) (2020)