Plano Transit Village

Plano Transit Village offers a unique alternative for living and commuting in a large metropolitan area. Huitt-Zollars provided the design of streetscape consisting of trees on 25-foot centers, pedestrian scale streetlights on 75-foot centers and brick sidewalks on a concrete base. This project also included the design of perimeter drainage to collect roof downspouts and courtyard area drains. Extensive coordination with DART officials and their engineering consultants was necessary to assure compatibility between the designs. In addition, Huitt-Zollars was responsible for construction coordination meetings and general coordination between the City of Plano, the private developer, Amicus Partners, and the public contractor for the infrastructure.

Plano Transit Village
City of Plano

Center for Development Excellence, North Central Texas Council of Governments, Redevelopment Landmark Award Winner, CLIDE Awards Program (2003)