Huitt-Zollars Announces Vice President & Associate Promotions

We are pleased to announce the following Officer and Associate promotions. Each of these individuals exemplify the core values of Huitt-Zollars and serve as leaders of the firm. We look forward to them playing a critical role in growing our firm and taking us to the next level. 


Steven Cook, PE – Civil Engineer, Irvine office

Rob Demeule, PE – Civil Engineer, Rio Rancho office

Victor Illig, PE – Civil Engineer, Irvine office

Glen Morris, RA – Architect, Glendale office

Marcy Newman, RID - Interior Designer, Houston Downtown office

Mitch Pillar, RPLS – Surveyor, Dallas office




Bill Dunning, PE – Civil Engineer, Tacoma office

Randy Hickey, RA, NCARB – Architect, Houston West office

Ryan Milakovich, PE – Civil Engineer, Dallas office

Ngan Nguyen – Architect, Los Angeles office

Antonio Puerto, RA – Architect, Houston Downtown office

John Vlassis, PE – Civil Engineer, Thousand Oaks office

Allison Wood, PE – Water Resources Engineer, Dallas office