New Mexico

Rio Rancho Fire Station #7

The new station is located on Pyrite Road in an existing residential area in northeast Rio Rancho. The design for this 5,400 square foot station is based on the prototype design Huitt-Zollars developed for all new fire stations within the RRFD district. The proposed site for this station has a steep slope running east to west that will require numerous retaining walls and extensive grading. The station design includes a 4 vehicle apparatus bay, living quarters for a five person staff, kitchen area and training / exercise space.

Kirtland Air Force Base Hangar 1000 Renovation

Kirtland Air Force Base is home to the Osprey CV-22 Air Force Special Command training program. Facilities for the program are housed in Hangar 1000. Huitt-Zollars provided the planning and renovation design for a phased construction of training and support facilities. The renovations included all the offices and support spaces. Existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were upgraded and new life support systems were incorporated to meet current USAF standards and building codes.

Valley High School Renovations

Huitt-Zollars was retained by Albuquerque Public Schools to provide design services for the renovation/addition to the existing gymnasium building to meet Title IX requirements at Valley High School. The design includes a new weight room, dance room, locker rooms for both women’s and men’s sports and new PE locker rooms. A new training room, wrestling room, and coaches offices will also be provided under this project. The exterior of the building will also be upgraded with new windows, stucco, and a new roof. The project is designed to be LEED Certified Silver.

Parkview Early Literacy Center

The 48,000-SF Parkview Early Literacy Center will provide developmentally disabled students an environment where learning and teaching will be fun, productive and fundamental for their growth. The design provides 20 classrooms which are organized in groups of four, forming a Learning Pod. Each Learning Pod’s design will have two shared Sensory Rooms, a Commons area (or break out space), a kitchenette, a Speech, Language and Pathology office, student and staff restrooms, sterilization area, and storage space.

Wilson Middle School Renovation/Addition

The Albuquerque Public Schools retained Huitt-Zollars to expand and update the existing 60-year-old main building at Wilson Middle School. This project upgraded and expanded the classrooms, the administration suite, and the associated support spaces which include student restrooms, teacher's lounge, custodial, and storage rooms. Existing classrooms were enlarged to meet PSFA standards for middle schools. Student restrooms were also upgraded to comply with accessibility requirements. Interior finishes are durable and easily maintained, typical for school environments.

Cabezon Wastewater Treatment Plant Reservoir and Booster Station

Huitt-Zollars is providing construction design and management services for a new 3 MG concrete reservoir and new 6 MGD water reuse system booster station located at the Cabezon Wastewater Treatment Plant #6. The construction of the 3 MG reuse storage tank includes a concrete foundation, inlet piping, outlet piping, overflow and drain lines, and special coatings for protection.

La Barranca Sanitary Sewer Main

Huitt-Zollars provided design engineering for a sanitary sewer main running from Wastewater Treatment #3, up the La Barranca Arroyo, to Paseo Gateway master plan area with a future connection to the City Center. The effort included coordination with the Army Corp of Engineers, New Mexico Department of Transportation, and SSCAFCA.

Uptown Transfer Center

Huitt-Zollars provided design and construction phase services for the Uptown Transfer Center, located in a large retail and commercial area of Albuquerque known as Uptown. The project serves as a route and neighborhood collector. The project not only provides the opportunity for mixed-use transit-oriented development, but also has begun to form a pedestrian-friendly circulation system, connecting the existing retail and office developments in the area.