Parkview Early Literacy Center

The 48,000 square-foot Parkview Early Literacy Center will provide developmentally disabled students an environment where learning and teaching will be fun, productive and fundamental for their growth. The design provides 20 classrooms which are organized in groups of four, forming a Learning Pod. Each Learning Pod’s design will have two shared Sensory Rooms, a Commons area (or break out space), a kitchenette, a Speech, Language and Pathology office, student and staff restrooms, sterilization area, and storage space. The five Learning Pods will be connected to by a perimeter concourse which provides additional break out areas. Each will have abundant natural light by means of exterior windows as well as indirect and task lighting.

A centrally located partially sheltered Outdoor Learning area will be an extension of the classroom experience. A centrally located and secure lobby area, conference rooms, administration offices, and the nurse’s area provide support for the Center. Parkview Early Literacy Center will provide the District with a vibrant, exciting building. It will provide the Public Safety Foundation of America with a model for future Pre-K Literacy Centers. 

Parkview Early Literacy Center
Roswell Independent School District