Mental Health and IDD Center Renovation

The original scope of work included only the Day Room renovation and the addition of a dedicated Pediatrics and Adolescent Seclusion Room. However, before design of the Day Room began, the Huitt-Zollars team worked with the users to understand their ultimate goals and created a master plan of the space, in order to ensure that future needs could be accommodated. The master plan was utilized in a marketing effort aimed at private donors, and was ultimately incorporated into the scope of the project. The main Reception desk was enlarged and enclosed for staff safety, and Admitting cubicles were added to increase patient privacy during initial interview. Three large Interview Rooms provide a private area for extended interviews and assessments with patients, their families, and their care team. Additional program elements include a Triage Room, a Physician's On-Call Room, a patient Laundry Room, a patient toilet and shower, and Business Offices.

Mental Health and IDD Renovation
Harris County
The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD