Jiading District Master Plan

This energetic mixed-use master plan is a 940-acre satellite city of Shanghai, China that has been envisioned as the new central focus of the Jiading District, which consists of the Jiading Old Town, Anting, and NanXiang townships. The design’s purpose is to create a vibrant town center with a connection to the Shanghai Circuit Formula 1 track, an important entertainment destination. The central park, an entertainment and residential district, is the main focus dominated by taller modern buildings of the Central Business District, a financial and business area. Future light rail opportunities exist within these corridors as well. The New Town master plan provides the Jiading District a plan for growth that looks to the future, while not turning its back on the past.

Jiading District Master Plan
Shanghai, China
City of Jiading

Florida Chapter ASLA Award of Excellence, Planning and Analysis (2005)